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Cosmetics Management
Cosmetics Management
I vantaggi di Technics
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A management software dedicated to the Cosmetic company
Technics, the management software developed in a cosmetics laboratory, that was specially studied and developed for companies in the industry. TECHNICS with its applications for Research and Development, Planning, Production, Warehouse, Purchasing, Sales, Accounting, Statistics, Project Management and CRM is able to meet the expectations of all cosmetic companies integrating the entire company management with a single software platform, eliminating inefficiency and disorganization generated by integrating different system applications.
Time, cost, quality, higher competitivness
TECHNICS was studied keeping three crucial factors for the business utmost in mind: time, cost and quality, absolving the usual commercial and production demands in most cosmetic companies, and its for this reason that TECHNICS is the right investment for the company that desires growth within an ever more competitive and demanding market.
Reduced start-up project time
Thanks to the user-friendliness, to the features studied to simplify and optimize data management and to the professionalism of a highly competent and organized staff, the introduction of TECHNICS in any company becomes painless, minimizing start-up time and costs.
User security and profiles
Access to programs using identification and passwords, with activities linked to an authorized user profile only and operating applications.
Customized and configurable
TECHNICS is highly configurable in order to permit the system its own company characteristics defining management for a single user or for activities of the entire company. Thanks to private ownership of the software we are able to accompany and guide any company in its own evolutionary process, intervening directly at the source of the application.
Standard and Made to Scale advanced technology
The infrastructure is based on the most advanced technological solutions that thereby guarantee an increased productivity, MICROSOFT DOTNET in our case, that takes maximum advantage of the efficiency and services of the new MICROSOFT operating systems. The use of standard tools contributes to yet again lower system management and upkeep costs and to make system technical down time practically inexistent. TECHNICS was realized with the most advanced technological solutions and is able to use the most recognized databases present on the market ( SqlServer, Oracle, Access ), taking advantage of any possible resources already present in the company, or proposing products available to companies that are on offer and downloadable free of charge, like MICROSOFT SQL EXPRESS 2005 e ORACLE EXPRESS.
TECHNICS can be used, starting from the configuration for one single pc, up to the structure for the Client/Server on line using data on an individual server or shared with other applications.
All the printouts can be easily modified and personalized by the user, thanks to the included report management tool included in the application.